Top Tech Trends of 2019 as shared over Forbes

As per what experts’ comments 2018 was a year of innovation in Tech and this legacy is going to get extended in 2019. For entrepreneurs, this means more opportunities for innovation, but this also means possible pitfalls. There are many companies out there that provide a cutting edge or most impressive tech solutions, and many of the newbies are also racing to get in that league, which means you probably need to be careful with the R&D investments or the spending you are going to make acquiring new equipment’s.
It is essential that you explore all possible options before making your choice on technology. An opinion from members of Forbes Technology Council was taken to get insight about the top tech trend of 2019. I have articulated a narrative from them as I interpreted their ideas.

Increased Automation

We will be getting more tools and applications that will take care of standard, mindless & time-consuming task from the lives of consumers & business owners by automating procedures and actions.

Blockchain Comeback

2018 was terrible for Blockchain, but this year we will see AI in the mainstream and not just in ads, search or self-driving cars

Better Human/ AI Collaboration

AI was an integral part of us in 2018. While there is no doubt about its importance in programmatic tasks some companies suffered by giving it too much emphasis on the recruiting process. If the data set is unstructured and biased, it will lead to biased outcomes. 2019 could be the year where companies shall focus on getting data set consistent and teaching humans to collaborate with AI.

Expansion of Connected Devices

There may be an explosion of connected devices that are more consumer and business-driven helping us in a smart system for living and working

The inclusion of Augmented Reality in Most Apps

AR has already acquired a vast market share, and we now have it available with mobile phones itself. We may soon experience AR in our everyday routine and not just as something that we used to utilize in games or fun activities. So it is just a matter of awareness in the developer community and their creativity to have it in most of the marketplace apps.

Upgraded Cybersecurity Using ML and AI

Following the tech trends, it is evident that the tech world has been focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and protect against attacks and as technology advances in this field, we will see much time and cost-efficient response to our adversarial attacks.

Solution to Tech Backlash

As per one of the council members, in 2018 we saw a backlash against tech, talking about how tech negatively influenced on our democratic process, society & interpersonal relationship. But this year we will see: What we use and how we use it, will differ from today.

Technology Convergence

We all have witnessed buzz words like AI, machine learning, blockchain and AR that were previously soiled. Convergence between these technologies is going to unlock an incredible amount of value for business as they will be integrated into one standard process.

Augmented Analytics Using Natural Language

Adoption to Natural Language to derive analytics in a time efficient manner shall make the data science more adaptive giving us data science citizens across all business roles.

Growing Commitment to Data Security

As one of the member’s view, 2019 will be the year of data security. We observe more companies try to get as much data as possible however leaving a vital aspect to data security been not considered on priority. And thus, we will continue to hear about significant data leaks even when companies tend to have a dedicated security department.

Higher eCommerce Sales of Everyday Items

eCommerce is without any doubt the most convenient way to shop. Anything that can be classified as a task in e-commerce shall keep boosting online sales.

Strategizing one’s spending & keeping this opinion on trends, could be a great way to optimize and make your efforts on analysis for tech investments count. Feel free to reach me on more such insights about technology.