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Apparently, we all know why how yoga and meditation benefit us and our ability to live a calm, composed and focused life. I am an avid sports enthusiast and love being with my group early in the morning either swimming, cycling or running. Upon accomplishing my regular morning regime, I feel highly pumped up and energetic just allowing my self to be more spontaneous and dynamic throughout the day.

Acclimatizing to Morning Regime

We ideally have daily standup meetings at 8 AM and me at times feel bad for my subordinates who find it tough to join meeting early in the morning. Upon a close discussion, I figured out that it is not their willingness to come to work that makes them late but the lifestyle that we have gradually adapted to.

Just to remind you folks, in India ideally in West part of India we start our day late and end it late. So, if you feel 8 AM is ideal, this actually a time when few of the folks are still in their bed 😊 So yes, it takes a lot of efforts for one to punch inn at office at 8 AM here.

What drives me to wake up at 5 AM and carry my self to morning regime is the zeal and passion to keep excelling the sports I am indulged in. I have no one to report to, no explanations or judgements to be given when I am joining the group, it is just myself with a sense of and willingness to perform better then yesterday. By the time you are done with the sports you do not even realize that you are now in your full swing.

Thus, when I am to appear to a weekly standup meeting at 8, I do not have to put that extra bit of effort to appear in the meeting.

Precision Thinking

During your active participation in a sport regardless of it being group sports or individual, you need to focus on your moves, tactics and techniques. Ideally, we do not realize but we are constantly signaling our body to perform the activity with precision & this is due to sense of toughness and tiredness we experience when performing anything repeatedly.

Making your self more efficient with each time you perform that activity again we are sub consciously becoming more efficient in the same activity. This helps you to stay alive and keep the boredom away from that particular activity. This is something I realized lately when I started accounting on my time and efficiency at work.

Structured Approach

When you are part of a group sports activity you learn not only how to overcome your weak spots but you also adapt to strength of other members or vice versa. I can right away recall our Cycling group when paddling for 100+ kilometers we cycle into a formation it is called – drafting. The one who leads takes maximum wind but helps other members on tail to effortlessly cycle behind him and this continuously keeps changing at every few kilometers. You do not even realize that you paddled 100 kilometers.

A sense of bonding, togetherness and teaming is what you imbibe in yourself and gradually it blends in your regular nature. This understanding has obviously given me so much of strength that now I am able to live this in my daily work routine.

Fear of Failure

Sports is one such activity that exactly mimics our way of living & its emphasis on discipline. We are not very conscious with sports as we consider it as game and hence at times just accept if we are not able to perform anything in sports or for some of you, we do not mind getting failed for multiple times in sports – for me it was swimming a hard nut to crack.

However, we do not keep trying when the same scenario occurs with us in real life or at workplace. Being in constant touch with sports or sporting helps you over come fear of failing and thus makes you more experimental.

Unwrapping the Healthy Living

I did realize the endless benefits of sports in my life and was very willing to have my team mates at work opt for at the least one such sporting activity to start with. We at BatsHub started working on a mobile application allowing you to make bookings for any sports.

We are also organizing monthly sports activities and encouraging our employee to participate in the events. We organized corporate tournaments that have helped us build a corporate community for sports and has not only helps our employees but also other corporate in their routines. This month we have introduced a sports allowance in our salaries and also club membership for one sports activity of employee’s choice with a promise of the extra bonus if our employee has 95% plus of attendance during a month. We hope to make this more favorable and help live a healthy life.

Feel free to share your suggestions .