Learn – Teach – Lead-Learn

Learn – Teach

A few months ago, I met ‘someone’ who unintentionally has given me a vision for lifetime & now I keep evaluating myself.

Each and every one of us probably falls into following categories regardless of what phase of life, situation or career we are in; this is probably the most general bifurcation that can be applied to an individual, group, community or even non-living things like a project, product or processes.

We are either a ‘Learner’ or a ‘Teacher’ or a ‘Leader’ cum ‘Learner’.

All of us at some-point in feel accomplished & saturated. Our zeal to keep moving gradually deteriorates. We so much get habituated with our way of being that it narrows our plumpness & ability to absorb new perspectives in career, life or circumstances. This is not something that only occurs when we grow older or get matured in a field, rather I presume this to be merely a state of mind that anyone could bracket oneself in.

Below pyramid shows an incremental pattern of this life-cycle.

The Growth Pyramid

We learn things so that we can teach it to someone, we teach it to others so that we can make them responsible & later can lead and become accountable. The more learning curves anyone or a thing goes through, the higher are its chances to get elevated in the journey.

Many a times people, product or company suffocate for growth just because they get possessive or entangled in a state where they are a Leader or are a Teacher.

Let us get a little dipper in this pyramid. All of us in general are either a learner or teacher or leader-learner in different previews of life, career, project, employment or process. I may be ‘leading’ a group of excellent people in a project — but a chap in that projects team is a ju-jitsu ‘teacher’. A CEO of big multinational group is learning or getting trained for horse riding.

We generally tend to complicate things for oneself just because we juggle between acceptance & realization of being a learner, teacher or a leader. Simply because we are leading does not mean we should abandon learning, as learning will help us to teach and grow further. Just because we know more then other does not mean we enjoy exclusivity as it may not allow you to get promoted to be a leader.

I learnt & so I shared, I am open to lead & learn again 🙂