Is this my next million-dollar idea?

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Million dollar ideas that will change the way you look at innovation in 2019.

Looking back — analyzing how internet has evolved during last 70 years will certainly remind you of endless opportunities that connected living has given us in our daily routine. The pace at which we have been adaptive to new technologies, hardware & solutions proves how adaptive we are as species. There has always been birth of vital solutions when an emerging technology sector has blend with an established industry niche, if it be merger of internet with phones or combination of aviation, medicine, sports, living, real estate with information technology, we have witnessed wonders.

Revisiting our journey from 2000 to 2015 we have seen many exceptional inventions in technology sectors. The nature of these inventions were focused and were particular to specific sectors like Technology, Transportation, Health & Medicine, Bioengineering, Clothing & many more, however we soon started realizing the benefit of connected solutions and the period of 2015 onward innovators & technocrat’s looking into solutions and frameworks that allowed them to leverage information sharing across multiple industry sectors & so came the trend of Web 3.0; the one we are living today.

Solutions providers are now able to think the impact of their inventions in multi-dimensions & this has also triggered demand for non-conventional ways of derivatives. A great article published by Matteo Gianpietro Zago on — explain this shift in a highly structured manner.

Giving a deeper thought & some research I have listed few possible connected solutions that can be targeted realizing their need & impact in particular niche.


We all have been relying and using notifications in our day to day routine, if it was for our meeting schedules, a friend request or a fried comment on our facebook post. Notifications have changed our expectations from applications & the solutions they provide. We tend to consider applications and their triggers a part of our human intelligence. IFTT (If this then that) has brought revolution in IT ever since we were able to combine events from other applications or solutions to perform actions in some third or fourth application or solution — thanks to APIs

This one popped in my mind when my wife messaged me on whatsapp to grab some files from my in-laws home that I usually pass by when on way to home from office. Like all responsible husbands — I forget to collect it 😊

Not describing the rest but then when I retrospect, I realized what if — Whatsapp was able to give be an ability to set reminders on the messages I received instead of just marking them important, forward or reply. I hope Whatsapp soon brings this or at least I have someone who can implement this in their next messaging application.


I had followed Alexa from few years now and it has always been my dream to get one at my home, but thanks to my wife she never lets me spend on gadget. I still use my old Dell Inspiron — i5 3rd generation to work on my projects.

Now this one is more versatile, like you can figure it from my bio I am a business & technology consultant by profession, I have been associated with many versatile industry sectors that are looking for technology solutions in their business & this inspired me.

Internet of things has always been very simple in my head — it is all about making a connect between two totally different and versatile products, solutions or industries with a motto of leveraging information exchange.

If Case: If you dealing with two smart systems that has their independent language, syntax or data set then its just the matter of developing a interpreter

Else Case: Else you need to make a system that is not so intelligent capable of communication and then perform the same step one

So what if I can’t get an Alexa, I can still use my phone, its SMS or my Whatapp to push information. I always wonder what if there is anyone out there in our technology world who can work or invest on a project that can allow me to talk, chat or call my smart home solution just like I talk to my Wife?

Digital Ads Screen

I was recently in Ney York and as most of visitors I went to Times Square, not that I was not astonished looking at 100s of those screens but again my analytical brains suddenly strike me of a possibility of solution in digital ads space.

I realized while all sectors are going consumer driven this is one such sector that is superficially consumer oriented but not really in true sense.

This is from my phone

Why? I see screens emitting numerous digital information that to most of us is not useful or irrelevant. If you are tourist it does not matter what is shown as you are witnessing something magnificent at times square but what about rest of the places that has may be one, two of five screens?

What if, we are able to channelize digital media on screens just like google ads, facebook ads control on their pages, depending on your browsing pattern or websites/ applications you recently visited. Hyper-local marketing in digital ads space, combining with ads server to identify what most of the population present in that location likes and then just push information relevant to them — well you have gained more traction’s, more views and may lead to more conversion.

Do share your thoughts on what you feel could be the most disruptive solution for this year if you found one soon in either of the mentioned space.

I would love to hear from you all, please leave a comment.