Disruptive means? A Cycle that runs on Blockchain

Paddle more to earn more

Probably, every one of you who is going read this article knows that cycling is good for health, helps in better living and mental peace. Some of you might also be an excellent cyclist and must be going for cycling regularly for exercise, commuting to work or maybe just traveling for leisure when on vacation. So, let me make this clear to you all that this article is not about health tips or tech knowledge about cycling or which is the best cycle to ride.

A quick Intro of myself

I am a regular cyclist, and we have a few good cycling routes (not very scenic though, at least in the city I live as compared to most parts of Europe) that I usually ride just as part of my morning regime. I have been following it from the past two years now. From being an occasional cyclist to actively participating in events in our city, I have learned to be better at cycling day by day and still on a learning course.

Apart from making my good day, best through cycling, it also helps me get an hour of peaceful thinking where it’s me, my beast and thoughts about;

  1. How to improve my timings.
  2. What route should I explore on the next ride?
  3. Why did my Strava not work today?
  4. What can cycling do apart from being a companion for me to travel and stay fit?

Till the time I start consciously thinking about point “d” I am home and before me realizing that fact usually engaged in routine.

Cycling and surrounding subjects

In our city since I have been cycling, I have witnessed many pro bikers who have won in rides of 50 km, 100 km with some very impressive timings. I know few of Super Randonee that have multiple SR titles. A handful I know has participated in Tour de France.

I always look up to these exceptional athletes having power boosters in them, paddling at such a great pace. So, for those of you, to whom cycling is a new subject. Just like we have a generic set pace to walk, which I believe is five kilometers per hour, we have a general speed for cycling which is about 15 kilometers per hour. A person emits anything from about 200 W to 500 W of energy during every hour of cycling.

I was born in the late, and during my schooling I had a cycle that has a dynamo in it used to get fit on my bicycles rear wheel, powering a headlamp when the dynamo used to get connected to the rear wheel. Kids those days used to get fascinated with such accessories. But, the fact was that depending on the quality of dynamo we efficiently used to produce power that was needed to ignite that small headlamp.

The Core about cycling

Many of us do know that cycling is a raw form of energy conversion. We people rely on a large source of energy for our more significant needs, like electricity in house that we get from hydro, wind, solar or atomic reactors. We are also self-sufficiently powered to convert energy in us into momentum, push or thrust. However, options are limited as naturally we are lazy to involve our self into any physical activity and have invented smart ways of getting work done. But, the fundamental of cycling is not changed a lot except, now it is considered to be an efficient and more promising method of being healthy.

You should have realized from the above information already that what I am hinting about is related to cycling, energy conversion and earning. No! My idea is not to recharge phones or recharge you tale light or headlights. But, technically it is in similar lines.

For most of you, Blockchain might be a new subject and very irrelevant! But, hey! When did two relevant topics result in disruption? I know my next few lines to some of you might sound obscure, but that is fine with me. If you have ever experience mining a coin, you will know how you calculate energy consumption with mining. The fact is, miners are processors that help you authorize block transactions and make you earn crypto which is worth a lot of real money at least in the country where mining is legal.

If we can use cycling to generate power that in turn powers a tiny miner can be a tremendous innovation. Think you go to the gym and cycle 30 mins regularly five days a week, and this is roughly 8000 hours of cycling in one year. You are going to pump in enough watt to power a tiny miner that can make you earn a lot. A decentralized currency, in a group of Strava with 100 riders will mine enough coins that can get them a treat in the weekend.  


The only dependencies are, do we have such cycles or can we make one? Big brands like Giant, Cannondale, Fuji should start thinking on these lines to design bikes that complement the idea and motivate more non-riders to ride road bikes.

I am also a tech consultant by profession and have a plan in place that I am soon going to execute and hopefully, someday can cherish this article while riding a bike that mines. 😊