Disruptive Hospitality Services

Hospitality has always been a promising industry, it has been hub of evaluation as its a consumer driven sector & demands innovation based on changing habit of consumers. From the era of dialing a phone to an agency to make booking, to a loyalty cards & GDS (Global Distribution System) things have changed for hotel industry. In today’s time where people are more tech savvy and are seeking to access the services via their own habituated means of technological options, there is a high scope of introduction for sophisticated technology options like voice driven accessibility, gesture based interaction and many other disruptive means of interaction.

Hotel chains like Hilton, Best Western, Marriott International are constantly evaluating their option to give richer experience to their customer, if it be by enhancing their property booking, stay or checkout experience.

With help & amalgamation of technology like Alexa, GoogleHomes, Wit.AI that caters in field of virtual personal assistant, smart homes & artificial intelligence hotels have been able to deliver high end tech experience, that not only make their consumer experience go wow but also help them get crucial information on their behaviors patterns, likes, dislikes and much more only adding up in making their experience better.

Some of the solutions that are prominent in Hotel industry are use of Alexa in giving in room service options for ordering food, essentials or even booking cabs. There are also stack of home automation solutions that are used by hotels to give a true connected living experience at their property. AI platforms like Wit.AI, WatSon are the ones that give the platform to help these hotels derive meaningful insights about their consumers.

It is a constant endeavor to deliver best in class consumer solutions that match up-to users habituated patterns giving endless opportunity to upgrade existing systems or develop new innovative solutions. If you wish to develop one such solution it is always good to evaluate how well a solution provider understands technology & its impact of consumer oriented sectors, this can be a decisive factor on how impact-ful your solution will be in the market. Business and Technology Solutions Hub in India are proving their mettle by collaborating with business & idea owners & delivering impact-ful solution.