Disruptive Aviation Industry

Ever since we started looking at Airlines as a promising mode of travel this industry has proven to be a promising sector in the global economy. Innovations in Aviation industry has always disrupted the market. Looking back in 1950 it used to take approximately an hour for airline agents to complete the booking transaction, then came the booking system named Magnetronic Reservisor it was a drum-based solution that used to store flight schedule data & allowed perform query in approximately 1.2 second. Alaska Airlines were the ones who first introduce Web check-in in 1999, beginning the era of buyer driven market then a supplier driven.

As per current trend in technology CIOs & CTOs do not just rely on business development but plan their strategy involving possibilities of innovation using disruptive technology to be in the forefront. 2019-20 is the year of disruptive technologies like Immersive Media, iOT, Predictive Analysis & Advanced Robotics, leveraging them in disrupting business is the key.

Consumers now want to have information on their finger tips, they like to stay up to the speed of relevant events or information. Transparency is the key, information that needs to be known by consumer for them to perform any significant action like booking, payment, check-in etc is a vital task in digital disruption. Combining and smartly using disruptive technology enables this industry to server their consumers swiftly.

Web 3.0 is all about interoperability & some of the promising technologies that are around us universally have change our life in a better way.

Advanced Robotics

Robots in hospitality and aviation industry are becoming obvious. Airport in Tokyo named Haneda has brought in a robot named ‘Nao’ that allows customer to know latest flight status and weather condition at the destination location. Few other robots like ‘Spencer’ that is deployed and engineered to help transfer passengers at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.


As per one of the report produced in Gartner there will be 25 billion connected device by 2020 & travel industry is one of the sector that has already started experimenting iOT in its customer service sectors. Applications like pet tracking, vehicle monitoring, improving customer experience using connected device network are few areas of Aviation where iOT is prevalent


Airlines very well knows importance of AI in consumer sector and have smartly commence usage of AI to target area like advertisement, booking, customer engagement, entertainment. Power of AI has given leverage to industry players to better know their average cost per acquisition, target locations or time for advertisements related to bookings and much more


Use of immersive media in Aviation is not only to boost its consumer segment by allowing them Airliners to give best in class experience to its customers by also heavily being to be used in training and simulations.

Disruptive technologies are about personalization, security, uninterruptible service and interoperability, industry sector like aviation has end less opportunity at connect stakeholder like airlines, passengers, crew & support growth & efficiency in the sector