Agri Market Solutions

Agriculture in many countries like India is a huge industry, in India it contributes about 17% to the total GDP. Agriculture Market has to do with everything that is involved from moving product from farm to consumers. Whole Agri market is an eco system that comprise of planing of production, growing, harvesting, grading, packing, transport, storage, food processing, distribution & sales. Each of these activities have their own set of methodology depending on type of Agri product and market it is catering

Over the course of time and to address varied market demands many industry players have evolved to attain the growing agri demand. Advance analytics solutions help market committees to forecast and plan for future product demands which in turn help farmers to plan for the farming. Many organizations are working towards smart solutions in Agri that helps not only to farm efficiently but also give better quality products that can be graded premium resulting to get better price for the efforts that farmers put to cultivate products.

Technology and Agri has tightly coupled at multiple junctures & a proper combination of the duo has revolutionized the agri sector. Solutions that helps farmers to access information about seasonal crops, harvesting, weather, soil information have been prevalent. Combining the field data with influencing parameters gives a improved data set for taking decision in farming. Operational Agri solutions that helps farmers to use & share machinery in efficient manner has proven adaptive. With emerging technologies & use of latest optical sensors farmers are able to get live feed on the health check data of the farm.

Organic farming & organic foods have become trend among many & brands like Bigbasket & Flourish have been capturing good market share in this segment.

Endless possibility & scope of solution has made Agri business a hot cake for established & emerging entrepreneurs. A right combination of team that understand your idea can easily help you escalate & capture the market segment. The scope of solution in the industry is high & a right subject matter expert with a deep knowledge in this industry can be crucial entity in this sector.