2019 – iOT in Real eState

Smart Home

M2M, iOT, IiOT and for inventions that are yet to be made in Internet of Things, apart from being one of the most disruptive technological trend, iOT has significantly open avenues for innovation in many industries. Real eState on other side is the most recognized sector globally that has its on swings relating to a geography.

We in 2019-2020 are going to witness an era that will change the way people used to deal in Real eState, if it be sellers’ market, buyers’ market or transactional market. iOT is heavily changing the way we look at things or how we evaluate them in our daily routine. Big players like Microsoft, Google, Honeywell have invested heavily in home automation, building automation & even smart cities solutions giving acceleration to the preference of Smart Living among buyers.

We all now look at possibility of using technology in our living giving emphasis to smart appliances. Smart kitchen solutions, park assistance, smart furniture, security surveillance systems, building surveillance system are few of the application sectors that are introduced in modern living.

According to an article published in Forbes [1] in a forecast made for Real eState industry for 2019, 45% of buyers segment is going to be millennials. It is also predicted that a major chunk of millennials will enter in their 29th year of age, which is considered to be a peak age for household formation and home-buying, resulting in increase of first-time buyers demand.

Foreseeing such a market demand and knowing the nature of current technological trend & its adaption rate in industry it could be a wise call for entrepreneurs, start-up organizations & investors to divert their focus on build solutions that can bring disruption in RealeState industry using iOT. We have researched few smart iOT solution that will definitely prove to be game changer in RealeState market in upcoming years.

  • iOT Aggregation Platform

With too many start-ups and enterprise focusing on niche iOT solutions like security, smart lighting solutions or independent smart appliances there will soon be need when users will want to aggregate multiple solutions for ease of use and decision making. It will be a great idea to envision any product that is build with this futuristic preview in mind. Top iOT firms in industry are focusing on platform development that can help OEM to deliver products that are smart and connected.

Home builders, independent contractors or house reconstruction agencies are willing to opt for platform that allows them the flexibility to choose for smart devices that they can utilize in house or building to construction either to build a luxury or affordable housing.

  • Smart Home Access Solutions

Independent home owners or HOA (Home Owner Associations) are seeking to use smart iOT solutions that reduces their over all management. Introduction of smart locks, device accessibility solutions to use fitness equipment’s in a house or a building automation solution to access amenities like gym or recreation area’s access is becoming a necessity in smart living solutions. People want to be connected more cohesively with their home then ever before and wanted to be kept informed of every activity that is connected to them or their property.

World’s largest online property rental company ‘AirBnB’ has swiftly introduced use of smart home access solutions to give their property owners and property renters an easy of transaction.

  • Mesh Networking Solutions

While it is easy to start with development of a stand alone home automation solution using existing iOT frameworks in market, when it comes to advance iOT solution that projects above the horizon of just home automation, mesh network solutions are key to develop a low cost, efficient network that are not just based on wifi & cellular network but use particle mesh solutions to make most out of the infrastructure.

If you plan to develop a grand scale enterprise IiOT (Industrial iOT) or Smart City Solution you may want to consider this as a niche segment

  • Energy Consumption & Monitoring Solution

With so many data set being made available with introduction of iOT in Real estate sector, it is quite obvious that energy consumption & monitoring solutions can be a booming area in Real estate sector. If a HOA or home owners can get predictive analysis on power consumption, maintenance forecasting and servicing equipment’s used in the property or community, it can certainly help people in living a more managed life.

Top iOT solution providers consider this data visualization part of iOT solution to be imperative while developing the architecture in a holistic manner.

  • Smart iOT Utility Applications

SMEs or Startup can specially target developing quick utility application using existing iOT platforms. Application like smart security gates that allows tracking of movement at your property gate or door bell camera application that gives you notification with a photo captured when anyone press a door bell at your house could be some easy sliders into communities that are relatively new to iOT.

Leveraging existing amazon Alexa or eco dot market by integrating Alexa APIs to develop voice enabled commands to turn on or off your smart lights can be a solution that can be thought off as a smart utility application for home.

There are end less possible solutions that can be explored at various layers in Real estate, at each stage of Real estate sector iOT has something to offer, realizing the need within your target geography is the key. Real estate is an industry sector that will be a reliable backbone allowing technology market like iOT to grow on it. Collaborating with iOT firms that helps you to derive solutions in particular niche will allow you to unleash its true potential  in coming years

Conclusion iOT is definitely disrupting the Real estate sector & with Web 3.0 prevailing in industry, it will be interesting to know how IT solutions in this sector will blossom with use of innovative ways of data sharing and re-usability across multiple applications, enterprise and community boundaries. We may soon find ourselves filtering and sorting real estate properties from home or vacation rental websites looking for listing based on degree of network connectivity between smart devices within a property.